League Rules

TCBA League
TCBA (Recreation) Basketball League


TCBA basketball league follows modified FIBA rules. All players are expected to know the rules so there is an understanding of the game while it is being played.

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before game time, because games may start earlier.

What is New in the rule book ? below are some highlights:

(NEW) Offensive 3-Seconds in the Key
• If an opposing offensive player stays in the key for 3 seconds* or more without leaving it and coming back, possession will be given to the opposite team.

*In the new FIBA rules, if the ball is being passed around the 3-point line and an
offensive player is in the key for 3-5 seconds, but does not have the ball, once the
ball is passed into the key where the player has been stationed for 3-5 seconds, the
official will then blow the whistle for a 3 second violation (the official will advise
the player to move out of the key as well).

8-Seconds Rule
• A team has 8 seconds to bring the ball up the court past the half-court line after the ball has been inbounded.

Defensive 5-Second Rule
• (NEW) A closely guarded situation occurs when a player is in control of the ball in his
team’s frontcourt, and is guarded by an opponent who is 6 feet of the player who is
holding or dribbling the ball; the defensive player must obtain a legal guarding
position for the 5-second count to start.

• As per FIBA rules, a substitution can be made prior to the first free throw or after the last free throw if it is a made basket.

Free Throws
• (NEW) Once the ball has been given to the player from the referee, the player has 5
seconds to shoot the ball, or he will lose the chance of shooting.

Regular Fouls

(NEW) Each team will shoot 2 bonus shots on the 10th team foul, and there will be
bonus shots resulting if there is need.
• Fouls do not carry over after the half; fouls will be reset in the second half.
• (NEW) In the last 2 minutes of the second half, if more than five fouls are committed by a team, an automatic 2 foul bonus shots will be awarded.
• A foul on a 2-point field goal will be assessed 2 free throws; on a 3-point

Playoff Eligibility
• (NEW) In order for a player to be eligible to play in the playoffs, they must have
played in a minimum of 6 games during the 10-game regular season.

Please click text to 416 4500826 with your team name, a copy will send to you

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